Cascading Style Sheets are used to define the presentation layer of websites. How CSS works is not always self-evident, so many of these articles explain various aspects of using CSS.

Internet Explorer 7 and * html

The Star html Selector Bug will be fixed in Internet Explorer 7. Will it affect web developers who have exploited the bug to target specific CSS rules at IE?

Posted on January 5, 2006

Use CSS background images responsibly

CSS background images should only be used for presentational images, not for informational or functional images.

Posted on December 27, 2005

FACE: Faruk’s Animated CSS Enhancements

A technique that combines the power of JavaScript with the flexibility of CSS to enable designers to create animations without having to know Flash or JavaScript.

Posted on December 19, 2005

Simple markup, organised CSS

Notes on CSS coding style and separating design from content.

Posted on December 12, 2005

The history of CSS hacks

Tantek Çelik recaptures the history and evolution of CSS hacks and filters.

Posted on December 9, 2005

Firefox displays CSS errors in the JavaScript Console

Want to know if you got your CSS syntax right? Just open the JavaScript Console in Firefox.

Posted on December 7, 2005

Create a design for the CSS Toolshed

An updated templates pack and step-by-step instructions on creating a CSS Toolshed entry are now available.

Posted on December 5, 2005

Modern web browsers have CSS bugs too

Internet Explorer has a lot of frustrating bugs in its CSS implementation. But it’s not the only web browser to have CSS bugs.

Posted on November 30, 2005

Resolution dependent style switching

If liquid or elastic layouts are not your thing, take a look at this for a more flexible way of keeping your fixed width layout.

Posted on November 16, 2005

CSS Toolshed: A CMS Zen Garden

A CSS Zen Garden-like site that simulates a CMS-based site instead of just a single, static page.

Posted on November 13, 2005

Flexibility makes working with CSS easier

Let your design be flexible instead of rigid and you will avoid lots of frustration when creating CSS-based layouts.

Posted on November 12, 2005

Developing maintainable CSS in a team environment

Some guidelines to make developing and maintaining large CSS files in a team environment easier.

Posted on October 31, 2005

Minimum and maximum padding and margin wanted

Being able to set the minimum and maximum values for margin and padding would be very handy for liquid layouts.

Posted on October 27, 2005

Tips and techniques for mobile web design

Covering two approaches to designing for mobile devices: handheld stylesheets and mobile-specific sites.

Posted on October 27, 2005

The ultimate multi-column CSS layout

Fully flexible source order of columns, equal height columns, and vertical grids - all in the same layout.

Posted on October 26, 2005

CSS 2.1 selectors, Part 3

Part 3 of 3 in a series of articles explaining the selectors available in CSS 2.1.

Posted on October 24, 2005

Google, SEO and using CSS to hide text

If you use CSS to hide text for legitimate reasons like increasing accessibility or usability, make sure that it cannot be mistaken for spam.

Posted on October 21, 2005

About using CSS hacks

Whether you are using CSS hacks or conditional comments, keep an eye on what happens when IE7 is released.

Posted on October 20, 2005

Are HTML and CSS easy?

HTML and CSS are not as easy as some people like to think. They are easy to get started with, but very difficult to master.

Posted on October 18, 2005

Overflow problems in Internet Explorer

Dissection of bugs that can occur with oversized content in Internet Explorer for Windows.

Posted on October 16, 2005

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