CSS Teaser Box

Just a little something that may be of use to someone. It’s pretty common for websites to have “teasers” that show an excerpt of a full article or document. The design for a recent project called for a teaser box with rounded corners.

Very simple, but I like the way it uses no extra markup, and will grow (vertically, it has a fixed width) to contain any amount of text. It will also take huge text sizes to break it.

Update: I just realized that the two images can be combined. That’s one less server hit and a few bytes saved on image size.

Posted on June 9, 2004 in CSS


  1. Hey, that’s quite neat. Would you mind if I used this technique on my website?

  2. June 9, 2004 by Roger (Author comment)

    Not at all. It’s a bit obvious if you use the same graphics though, so I’d recommend creating your own ;-)

  3. Very nice. These little one off techniques are great to note — bookmarking page right now. Thanks Roger!

  4. Very slick, love the combining of the image so that you use only one…

  5. Thanks Roger. Of course I’d change the graphics! :-)

  6. Pretty cool, nice one Roger!

  7. Looks and works great. I really like the CSS. I’m inspired to have a look at my own style sheets, to see if there are any background-images that can be combined.

  8. I use a similar technique on our site at http://www.nscu.com

  9. June 17, 2004 by iWantToKeepAnon

    The guy from www.nscu.com has a good idea. Instead of drawing the box, they draw the few little pixels outside the box. That way the top and bottom image can be used for differently colored boxes … cool idea.

  10. Out of interest was there a reason for quoting the source for the graphic in the CSS?

    ie: background:url(“tsr-a.gif”) 410px 50% no-repeat; as opposed to background:url(tsr-a.gif) 410px 50% no-repeat;

    Otherwise cool idea!

  11. June 23, 2004 by Roger (Author comment)

    Richard: Not really. Force of habit I guess ;)

  12. very useful tips,and it makes my blockquote a good looking now:)

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