The Web should be made accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of any disabilities they might have.

A Second Voice

Dave Shea has added a new section to mezzoblue called ”A Second Voice”: Web design is fragmented. Different specialties exist…

Posted on August 10, 2003

URL science

If you’re at all interested in making the URLs of your site (or your clients’ sites) more user friendly and…

Posted on August 10, 2003

Zeldman slides

Jeffrey Zeldman has made the slides used for his Web Design World keynote on designing with web standards and presentation…

Posted on August 5, 2003

Inaccessible Website

The Disability Rights Commission has a nice demonstration (Flash required) of what persons with different disabilities are up against when…

Posted on August 3, 2003

Macromedia and Accessibility

Macromedia Flash has been criticized a lot for producing inaccessible content. Not being particularly interested in Flash I haven’t really…

Posted on August 3, 2003

Fun with forms

Most people working with the web need to create HTML forms from time to time. Some of us have to…

Posted on July 30, 2003

Don’t BuyMusic from us

Some of you may know that BuyMusic recently launched an online music store that is somewhat similar to Apple’s iTunes…

Posted on July 30, 2003

Building Accessible Websites

Accessibility expert Joe Clark has now made his entire book Building Accessible Websites available online. For your own good, read…

Posted on July 17, 2003

WCAG 2.0

W3C just published the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Working Draft. I haven’t had the time to read it yet,…

Posted on June 25, 2003

Accessibility statement

Mark Pilgrim’s site [dive into mark] has an extensive Accessibility statement. Adding one to this site would be a good…

Posted on May 20, 2003


Accesskey standards is a nice summary of what shortcut keys are commonly used. I haven’t added any accesskey shortcuts to…

Posted on May 3, 2003

Access this

I just noticed that Joe Clark has made chapter 6 of his great book Building Accessible Websites available online. Read…

Posted on April 8, 2003

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