Find inline CSS and JavaScript with Inline Code Finder

A few weeks ago I posted Find nasty JavaScript with the Obtrusive JavaScript Checker, talking about Robert Nyman’s useful quality assurance tool.

Well, Robert didn’t stop at finding inline events and JavaScript, so now he has extended the Obtrusive JavaScript Checker and created Inline Code Finder. Instead of just looking at JavaScript-related things, Inline Code Finder will find and highlight any elements that have inline events, inline styles, or javascript: links.

Inline Code Finder is available as a standalone add-on for Firefox and as a Firebug plugin.

Good stuff!

For more details or to provide feedback, go to Robert’s post Inline Code Finder Firefox Extension—Find Inline JavaScript Events, Inline Styling And Javascript:links.

Posted on December 16, 2008 in Coding, JavaScript, CSS, (X)HTML