About 456 Berea Street

Personal stuff

This site is developed and authored by me, Roger Johansson. I’m a Swedish web professional who has been working with the web and other interactive media since 1994.

This site is a place for me to post articles, tutorials, and comments on subjects that are interesting and useful to me and hopefully to other web professionals. Most posts on this site are related to web standards, accessibility, or usability in one way or another, with the occasional post on other subjects.

I currently have a full-time position as a front-end web developer at NetRelations. Note that any opinions expressed on this site are my personal opinions and not necessarily shared by my employer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t we exchange links?

We won't exchange links because I don’t do “link exchanging”. I only link to things I find useful or interesting, and I do not link to something just for SEO purposes.

Can I pay you for a text link to my site?

No, sorry.

Can I advertise on 456bereastreet.com?

Not at this time.

Can I pay you to review my product or website?

No, sorry.

You write a lot about accessibility. How come?

I write about accessiblity because I want to help make the Web a better place. In order to make it a better place, it needs to be made more usable to everybody, including people with disabilities.

By sharing what I have learned I hope to encourage people to design and develop accessible, usable, and interoperable websites.

Do you have a disability?

No, but I do have trouble reading tiny text, so I often need to increase text size in my Web browser. I find light text on dark backgrounds very difficult and sometimes almost painful to read. Furthermore, despite having no motor impairment I find that I lack the precise mouse movement necessary to use many drop-down menus without problems.

I am by no means an expert on assistive technology for people with disabilities. I test my work in screen readers but being sighted makes it incredibly hard to use a screen reader properly.

What kind of computer do you use?

I have been a Mac user since around 1989.

Being a Mac user has definitely made me realise the importance of accessibility in the wider definition that includes the equipment people use to access the Web (which is often referred to as universality). Non-Windows users have been discriminated against a lot through the years.

I have a CSS/HTML/JavaScript/accessibility question. Can you answer it for me?

Perhaps. But I can’t promise anything since it’s hard enough to find the time to tend to my full-time job, my house, my family, and this site.

By clearly describing your problem and providing a link to an example page you will greatly increase your chances of getting a quick response.

If you have specific questions related to CSS, a good place to look for help is the css-discuss mailing list. You will likely get a quicker and more thorough answer there.

I want to translate one of your articles and publish it on my site. Is that ok?

Yes, absolutely, provided that you clearly state that it is a translation of one of my articles and link back to the original article, and that you don’t publish it on a spammy or off-topic site.

Please ask me before you start working on a translation though. Somebody else may already be working on a translation of the same article into the same language. It has happened before.

What's with the underscores in the URLs on this site?

I set them up the way they are (with underscores as separators) when I started this site. At the time (early 2003) that was, as far as I was able to find out, the recommended way to handle URLs.

Had I started from scratch now I would have used hyphens instead since they are slightly better for both readability and SEO. I would also have considered using shorter URLs that don’t include the entire page title. They do sometimes become awfully long with the current setup.

Why are there no comments on your blog posts?

Time. When you get a lot of comments, managing and responding to them in a good way takes more time than I can spare. Spam and junk comments are also a factor. So I have disabled comments and removed those that were already posted.

If you find an error in a post, or just disagree with what I am saying, each post has mailto-link that you are welcome to use.


Yes: @rogerjohansson.