Find nasty JavaScript with the Obtrusive JavaScript Checker

When reviewing websites to find areas that may be improved, one of the things I look for is whether any JavaScript has been implemented in an unobtrusive way or not.

I normally do that by turning JavaScript on and off, and viewing the source code. It can be a bit tedious. But now there is a quicker way to find obtrusive JavaScript: Robert Nyman’s Obtrusive JavaScript Checker.

The Obtrusive JavaScript Checker will examine the web page you are on and highlight all elements that have inline events or javascript: links, making any obtrusive JavaScript really easy to spot.

Obtrusive JavaScript Checker is available both as a Greasemonkey user script, a Ubiquity command, and as a Firefox extension. I don’t use Greasemonkey or Ubiquity, so the Firefox extension is my favourite.

Posted on November 10, 2008 in JavaScript