The WebKit/Safari Web Inspector is getting even better

A few weeks ago the WebKit team posted an update about the Web Inspector Redesign. I’ve been trying it out for a bit and really like what I see.

With this update, which currently is only available in WebKit nightly builds (both Mac and Windows) and not in Safari, the Web Inspector is turning into an excellent web development tool. In my opinion it isn’t quite comparable to Firebug yet, but it’s getting very close. At least for what I use Firebug for, which is mainly CSS debugging.

If we look beyond pure functionality for a while though, the Web Inspector wins hands down. Its interface is very polished and makes Firebug look a bit rough around the edges in comparison. That is my personal impression of course, so yours may differ.

Grab the latest WebKit nightly and check it out for yourself.

Posted on October 22, 2008 in Browsers, Apple