NoScript for Firefox

The other day I mentioned a few Firefox add-ons that I have recently discovered. One add-on that I forgot to mention is NoScript, which I have been using for a few months now.

As the name indicates, NoScript blocks the execution of JavaScript in Firefox. But it isn’t the same as simply turning off JavaScript support. NoScript gives you control over which sites are allowed to run scripts, Flash and other active content, and has tons of settings that will let you configure it to your liking.

NoScript is very popular—at the time of this writing it has been downloaded over 29 million times—so surfing the web with it installed (and thus JavaScript at least semi-disabled) is hardly a fringe case. Many people download and use NoScript primarily for security reasons, but my main reason for using it is that it makes many sites that normally are a pain to visit (mostly newspaper websites) much more responsive, quicker loading, and less intrusive.

Surfing the web with NoScript installed also makes it quite obvious which sites have not been built with progressive enhancement and unobtrusive JavaScript in mind. I don’t know about other NoScript users, but I tend to leave sites that don’t work pretty quickly unless they offer something I really need.

Posted on October 17, 2008 in Browsers, JavaScript