How to find the center of an area element with JavaScript

In a recent project I was working on a script interacting with an image map consisting of irregular areas and needed to find the center of each of these areas.

I couldn’t find a function to do that so I wrote my own. It’s pretty simple, but in case anyone else needs this I thought I’d share.

The function takes two parameters:

The type of shape (circle, poly, or rect)
A comma-separated list of coordinate values

The values are just the text values of the shape and coords attributes of the area element.

The function looks like this:

function getAreaCenter(shape, coords) {
	var coordsArray = coords.split(','),
		center = [];
	if (shape == 'circle') {
		// For circle areas the center is given by the first two values
		center = [coordsArray[0], coordsArray[1]];
	} else {
		// For rect and poly areas we need to loop through the coordinates
		var coord,
			minX = maxX = parseInt(coordsArray[0], 10),
			minY = maxY = parseInt(coordsArray[1], 10);
		for (var i = 0, l = coordsArray.length; i < l; i++) {
			coord = parseInt(coordsArray[i], 10);
			if (i%2 == 0) { // Even values are X coordinates
				if (coord < minX) {
					minX = coord;
				} else if (coord > maxX) {
					maxX = coord;
			} else { // Odd values are Y coordinates
				if (coord < minY) {
					minY = coord;
				} else if (coord > maxY) {
					maxY = coord;
		center = [parseInt((minX + maxX) / 2, 10), parseInt((minY + maxY) / 2, 10)];

It returns an array with two values – the X center and the Y center. Here’s an example of calling the function:

var area = document.getElementById('area-1');
var center = getAreaCenter(area.getAttribute('shape'), area.getAttribute('coords'));
alert('X-center: ' + center[0] + ', Y-center: ' + center[1]);

In my use case I looped through the area elements of a particular map element and stored the center coordinates in a custom attribute on each area element for easy access later on.

Hope it’s of use to someone.

Posted on April 18, 2011 in JavaScript