Improve your keyboard accessibility

One of my pet peeves is websites that aren’t keyboard friendly. I’ve been on about it in posts like Don’t forget keyboard navigation and Do not remove the outline from links and form controls.

Keyboard accessibility really does tend to be forgotten or ignored by many web developers, so it’s good to see it being discussed at events like Future of Web Design. At the Glasgow leg of Future of Web Design Tour 2009, Patrick Lauke held a presentation called, well, “Keyboard accessibility”.

I wasn’t there and I haven’t read a transcript of the presentation. I have looked through Patrick’s slides though (available from keyboard accessibility presentation at future of web design tour 2009 in glasgow), and it looks quite excellent.

If you were at the event, lucky you. If you weren’t, download the slides and check it out.

Posted on October 12, 2009 in Accessibility, Usability