Professional front-end engineering explained

It can often be hard to explain what it is you do as a front-end web developer, interface developer, or whatever you like calling yourself if you work with the code that gets delivered to web browsers.

Sadly it can also be hard for others to understand and respect how difficult this job can be, and how important it is to the health of the web and the success of any web site.

Fortunately Chris Heilmann recently posted a link to a video where Nate Koechley at Yahoo! does a great job of explaining all this. The talk is titled Professional Frontend Engineering, and you can choose to watch it online, download it in m4v-format, or read a transcript.

Do take the time to watch this though as Nate manages to explain how complex a job it is to be responsible for the front-end of web development.

Posted on April 21, 2009 in Web Standards