Google to webmasters: Write clean HTML and consider accessibility

I suspect that the recent release of Google Chrome, based on Webkit, has at least something to do with the Google Webmaster Central Blog post Workin’ it on all browsers. In the post webmasters are encouraged to make sure their sites work regardless of what browser their visitors use, and Google is likely interested in websites working properly in their own browser.

The blog post points to an article in the Webmaster Help Center called Making sure your site appears properly in different browsers. That article contains four main tips:

All good advice of course, though obviously there is a lot more to be said about good HTML and accessibility than what is brought up in the article. Nevertheless it’s good to see this kind of information on Google where it may reach people who would not otherwise bother writing proper HTML and CSS or consider accessibility at all.

Posted on October 7, 2008 in Web Standards, Accessibility