Archived posts, August 2006

The JavaScript Anthology (Book review)

If you're not a JavaScript enthusiast now, you will be by the time you finish reading this book. A must-have.

Posted on August 4, 2006 in Reviews

My #1 wish for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

If I could make one single improvement to the way Mac OS X handles networking, I would make it stop littering remote volumes with .DS_Store files.

Posted on August 7, 2006 in Mac

Base elements cause text selection problems in IE

When an HTML document contains a base element and text in floated elements, the text becomes almost unselectable in Internet Explorer.

Posted on August 8, 2006 in CSS

Redirecting feeds to FeedBurner

How to use URL rewriting in combination with .htaccess to redirect requests for XML/RSS feeds to FeedBurner.

Posted on August 12, 2006 in Site news

Google valid and strict

Making Google's home page use valid HTML 4.01 Strict and CSS for layout reduces file size by 21 percent.

Posted on August 14, 2006 in Web Standards

Swift: Almost Safari for Windows

A Web browser for Windows based on the Apple WebKit rendering engine, which is what Safari uses.

Posted on August 15, 2006 in Quicklinks, Browsers

DHTML Utopia (Book review)

A very helpful book for anyone looking to improve and modernise their DOM scripting skills.

Posted on August 18, 2006 in Reviews

Choosing an RSS newsreader for Mac OS X

There are so many stylish, easy-to-use and fully featured newsreaders available for Mac OS X that it's hard to choose one.

Posted on August 20, 2006 in Quicklinks, Mac

Light text on dark background vs. readability

The recent design trend of light text on dark backgrounds is reducing the readability and usability of many sites for certain people.

Posted on August 21, 2006 in Accessibility, Usability

Build your own PHP style sheet switcher

How to use PHP to create a style sheet switcher that lets users switch between two different layouts.

Posted on August 23, 2006 in PHP, CSS

Selecting country names in forms

Using select boxes for hundreds of options is not very user friendly, but is there a better way of presenting long lists of options?

Posted on August 24, 2006 in Quicklinks, Usability

DOM Scripting (Book review)

Learn how to write unobtrusive JavaScript with progressive enhancement and graceful degradation in mind.

Posted on August 28, 2006 in Reviews

Unitless line-height bug in Mozilla and Firefox

Older versions of Mozilla and Firefox for Mac OS X have a bug that sometimes makes them miscalculate line-height when no unit is used.

Posted on August 29, 2006 in Browsers, CSS

10 things businesses should know before building a website

Ten tips for organisations about to start a new website project, whether they are building a completely new website or redesigning their current one.

Posted on August 31, 2006 in Quicklinks, Web General