Gbrowser based on Mozilla? Let’s hope.

Most of you have probably read the rumours of Google developing their own web browser, Gbrowser, based on Mozilla. More on that can be be found in gbrowser, Google Picks Gates’ Brains, Will Google Launch A Browser?, More evidence of a Google browser, Google builds a browser, Google Browser?, Gbrowser?, and many other articles and posts around the web.

I’m really hoping these rumours are true—both that Google are preparing to release a browser, and that it will be based on Mozilla. Partly because it will definitely weaken IE’s dominance even more, and partly because I think it’s the only way non-Windows users (like me) will have a chance of getting a Gbrowser. If the browser is based on IE, there is no chance of that happening.

The more I think about it, the more interesting it gets. A Gecko-based Gbrowser would sure make IE look even more like the new Netscape 4, and would be a major step towards a better web.

Posted on September 23, 2004 in Browsers