HTML and XHTML are the markup languages used to create a solid foundation for your website or web application, and articles in this category generally touch upon the semantics and accessibility aspects of marking up web pages.

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CSS-Based Design by Jeremy Keith is a very well written guide to XHTML and CSS. A must read for both…

Posted on September 23, 2003

SimpleQuiz Part VII

Dan Cederholm keeps adding interesting questions to his SimpleQuiz series. Part 7, Order Up, focuses on the nesting order of…

Posted on September 20, 2003


Now available for lazy people like me: List-o-matic, an automated link list HTML and CSS generator….

Posted on September 20, 2003

Web style guide

Silverorange have made an excellent style guide available on their site. The style guide was developed by silverorange for one…

Posted on September 18, 2003

Another Quiz Part

Dan Cederholm posted SimpleQuiz › Part VI › Form(atting). This question deals with forms, and how to separate form items….

Posted on September 17, 2003


At SimpleBits, Dan Cederholm is running a quiz in which each question is about HTML markup. Three different methods are…

Posted on September 14, 2003

More lists

Complementing Listamatic, Listutorial explains, step by step, how to use CSS to style HTML lists….

Posted on September 13, 2003

Markup structure

One of the casualties of 20th century tag soup was the structure of an HTML document. Since the default look…

Posted on September 6, 2003

CMS, standards and semantics

A few years ago, web designers and developers nearly always were the ones who filled their client’s sites with content….

Posted on July 31, 2003

Fun with forms

Most people working with the web need to create HTML forms from time to time. Some of us have to…

Posted on July 30, 2003

Summer cleaning

It’s been two weeks since my last entry, so I have plenty of stuff to write about now. John Gruber…

Posted on July 13, 2003

The validator is your friend

Oh boy. I wish I could have come up with what Mark Pilgrim writes myself. I agree with him so…

Posted on May 5, 2003

Keep your windows closed (take 2)

I stated below that I am no fan of sites that take control away from the user. But in those…

Posted on May 3, 2003


Mark Pilgrim’s All That We Can Leave Behind is an introductory tutorial to XHTML 2.0. It also explains why modern,…

Posted on April 19, 2003

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