Summer cleaning

It’s been two weeks since my last entry, so I have plenty of stuff to write about now.

  • John Gruber at Daring Fireball writes a really long story he calls Independent Days. He covers several subjects, but my favorite part is the anecdote he starts part 1 with. My favourite sentence is this:

    As one fellow explained it, a good hairpiece costs a lot of money, and for a lot of money, the customer wants to see a lot of hair.

    The same thinking often applies to web design and development. A good web site may cost a lot of money, and for a lot of money, most clients want a lot of web site because they think more is always better.

  • In issue 35 of The Sensible Internet Design Letter Jay Small writes about the need for many web designers to refresh their knowledge of something as basic as HTML.

  • Adaptive Path has been redesigned with the help of Doug Bowman of Stopdesign. Fully standards-compliant XHTML and CSS of course, coupled with a clean and elegant design.

  • At, Peter-Paul Koch writes a (long) story called Browser Wars II: The Saga Continues, in which he shares his thoughts on the current web browser situation and how the web developer community can help push the adoption of standards compliant browsers.

  • shows a very nice way of making a variable size title picture by using the CSS property overflow:hidden.

  • UK based Message Digital Design Ltd have launched their new site. Standards compliant XHTML Strict and a clean, crisp design. Very nice job.

  • Michael Pick shows how CSS can be used to create eye-catching pull quotes.

  • There is a transcript of an Eric Meyer Interview at Digital Life.

  • Morons in wwwebbbbbbbb ssspaaaaaaaaaaace!. A bit harshly written, perhaps, but many very valid points.

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