HTML5 Validator extension updates

In Validating HTML5 with and the HTML5Validator Extension for Firefox I talked about my solution for validating HTML5 in the browser – without having to do it manually, and without running into problems with pages that are on a local domain or behind a firewall or login. I also mentioned a couple of issues with the extension that I was aware of.

Last week I got an email from Valentin Agachi who offered to help out. Thanks to him, fixes for the issues I mentioned along with several new features and options are now incorporated into the HTML5 Validator extension. Massive thanks to Valentin for the help!

Valentin also asked me if I had any plans to put the source code of the extension on GitHub. Not having used GitHub before I hadn’t really though about it, but his question prompted me to take a closer look at GitHub, create an account, and put the code there. I had to aqcuaint myself with Git first, but it doesn’t seem all that different to work with than Subversion, which is what I normally use for version control.

The changes and additions to the HTML5 Validator extension since my first post about it include the following:

It can be polished further, of course. Still, at this point I feel that the HTML5 Validator extension works really well for me, especially since I’m on a Mac and can easily run a local instance of

If you’re interested you can find the source code, note any issues and download the latest version from the html5validator page on GitHub.

As I mentioned in my first post about the HTML5 Validator extension, I don’t plan to (and won’t be able to) spend more than a minimal amount of time on polishing or supporting it. Unless some really bad bugs show up it’s pretty much done as far as I’m concerned. It does what I want, and then some, much thanks to Valentin’s assistance.

Posted on February 26, 2011 in HTML 5, Productivity, Browsers