Enterprise HTML, CSS and JavaScript explained

A while ago I posted Tips for creating enterprise-level HTML, CSS and JavaScript, where I mentioned a few examples from the Enterprise CSS, Enterprise HTML, and Enterprise JavaScript sites.

The examples on those sites are meant to be ironic, showing what not to do. Some readers have contacted me because they feel that the irony isn’t completely obvious and are worried that people getting started in front-end web development would misinterpret the “tips”. They do have a point, so I thought I’d bring up a few of the examles from the Enterprise CSS/HTML/JS sites and explain why I think they are bad examples.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, and please note that some of my explanations may be somewhat biased by personal preference.




Not just “Enterprise”

While many of the practices described on Enterprise CSS/HTML/JavaScript are indeed especially common on large sites and in “enterprise-level” CMSs, many can be found elsewhere as well. I’m sure we’re all guilty of some of them from time to time.

Posted on February 3, 2011 in (X)HTML, JavaScript, CSS