Internet Explorer now only the third most used browser

I took a look at the statistics for this site the other day and noted something interesting: as of October 2010, Internet Explorer (all versions combined) is now only the third most used browser.

Firefox comes in first with 49.4 %, Chrome second with 19 %, and IE is third with 18 %. The trend continues for November.

Browser statistics can be used and abused as well as misleading, especially when you look at only a single site, so please do take this with a grain of salt. is mainly visited by people who work in the web industry – web developers and web designers – which obviously skews the statistics.

Regardless, when you look at the statistics over time, IE usage dropping from over 50 % three years ago (53.8% in October 2007) to 16.3 % (the current number for November) despite Microsoft getting back in the race and releasing new and improved versions has to mean something.

Posted on November 18, 2010 in Browsers