Bye bye Flash

For a long time I’ve been doing what many others do and use tricks like ClickToFlash (for Safari) and FlashBlock (for Firefox) to prevent Flash content from bringing my Macs’ CPUs to their knees and ruining my “web experience”.

But not anymore. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across the Daring Fireball article Going Flash-Free on Mac OS X, and How to Cheat When You Need It, and decided that it was time to get rid of Flash instead of using plugins to hide it.

For almost two weeks now I’ve been browsing the Web without Flash installed. As I expected I do not miss it. The only site I use on any regular basis that has problems with Flash not being available is, where the audio preview clips currently require Flash. While waiting for eMusic to start using HTML5 for audio previews in browsers that support it, I can either listen to the previews in iTunes or cheat and use Chrome with its built-in Flash Player plugin.

As for those occasional full-Flash sites that show me nothing but “Missing Plug-in”, well, that’s all I see of those sites. I can live with that.

Posted on November 22, 2010 in Web General