Diving into WordPress

I’ve been working with WordPress for a few client projects lately.

WordPress has many great features and feels reasonably developer-friendly. I especially like the theme concept which lets you keep all your customisation separated from the core WordPress install and makes version control of your files easy.

However, there are quite a few things that really annoy people like me who like clean markup and want absolute markup control. And there are other things not strictly related to markup that aren’t as intuitive as they could be, at least not to someone new to WordPress.

Over the last couple of months I’ve spent a lot of time reading books, the WordPress Codex and asking Google for solutions to the problems I’ve run into. Some information was not all that easy to find, and I’ve had to come up with some workarounds of my own.

For future reference and in the hope of helping others looking for solutions to the same issues I’ve had, I’ll be posting a bit of WordPress-related stuff here for a while. If you’re not into WordPress, don’t worry – I’ll try to spread it out a bit to prevent it from taking over completely. Most of the tips and tricks are closely related to the quality of the HTML WordPress outputs though, so they are applicable to many other content management systems as well.

Posted on October 4, 2010 in WordPress