WAI-ARIA support in IE8 RC no longer non-standard

One of the good things about Internet Explorer 8, apart from its improved support for CSS 2.1, is the addition of support for WAI-ARIA. If you’re not familiar with WAI-ARIA, you’ll find links to many things related to ARIA in my post Reading up on WAI-ARIA.

WAI-ARIA support in Internet Explorer is great news for accessibility. There was a problem in the first public betas of IE8 though – Microsoft’s WAI-ARIA implementation did not use the standardised syntax, which meant problems and more work for developers who wanted to change WAI-ARIA properties via JavaScript.

Luckily, Microsoft listened to the community and have changed the WAI-ARIA implementation in the Release Candidate of IE8 to use the standardised syntax that other WAI-ARIA supporting browsers use. Read Improved ARIA Support in the IE8 RC for the reasoning behind not using the standardised syntax in the first beta and now changing it.

Posted on February 9, 2009 in Accessibility, Web Standards