JavaScript Tools bundle for Textmate

In my post about TextMate productivity tips I didn’t mention any plugins or bundles. However, one bundle that is really useful and deserves a mention is the JavaScript Tools TextMate Bundle.

To install the bundle, download the zip archive, unzip it, and rename the resulting folder to “johnmuhl-javascript-tools.tmbundle”. This should make TextMate recognise it as a bundle that you can install by double-clicking or dragging to TextMate’s icon in the Dock.

The bundle does two main things:

  1. It lets you run JavaScript Lint from within TextMate, making it much quicker and easier to check your scripts for any problems. It’s sort of (but not quite) like validating your markup or CSS.
  2. It gives you quick access to a variety of formatting and compression tools, like Dean Edwards Packer, YUI! Compressor, and JSMin. If you don’t have a workflow setup that automatically compresses your scripts when they go into production this will really speed things up.

If you use TextMate and work with JavaScript at all, check this bundle out.

Posted on January 19, 2009 in JavaScript, Coding