Internet Explorer 8 announced, passes the Acid2 test

A couple of weeks ago, after a long time of silence on what will come after Internet Explorer 7, it was revealed on the IEBlog that the next version of Microsoft's web browser will be Internet Explorer 8. The name isn't too much of a surprise I'd say, but it's good to find out that the IE team still exists and are still working on IE.

But a couple of days ago much more significant news came from the same source: internal builds of IE 8 now pass the Acid2 test. The significance of the Acid2 test may not be obvious to everyone, but in practice this means that IE 8 will support display:table and generated content, among other things.

I know that I sometimes complain about IE. I also think I have the right to do so, since over the years I have spent countless hours working around bugs in IE. But I think this is great news. Fantastic. Beyond what I had hoped. Thanks for continuing to work on improving standards support in IE. I hope you can deliver something that is at least as good as the competition with IE 8.

Now where's the Mac version?

IE is the only major browser that is only available on a single platform. If Apple, Mozilla, and Opera can all make their web browsers available on multiple platforms, why can't (or won't) Microsoft?

Or should we be happy that it is only available for Windows? Perhaps if IE was available for multiple platforms we would be seeing more sites that tell us that we have to install IE before they will let us in? I know a lot of developers who are locked into using only Microsoft technology would love that.

Posted on December 21, 2007 in Browsers, Web Standards