Accessibility is part of your job

To many people who make a living from designing or programming websites, accessibility is something unknown. Something frightening even, and something that is only ever taken into account (as a bolt-on after the site is finished) if a client specifically requires it.

I don't understand that way of thinking. At all. Accessibility is one of the fundamentals of the Web, so how people who claim to be passionate about the Web and say that they deliver high quality can choose to ignore it is beyond me.

I'm with James Edwards, who ends his article Why Accessibility? Because It's Our Job! with this:

If we call ourselves professionals, we owe it to our clients, their clients, and ourselves, to do our job properly. A chef must care about health, a builder must care about safety, and we must care about accessibility.

Now if only everybody working in the web industry could take their jobs seriously enough to realise that.

Posted on December 14, 2007 in Accessibility