Poll results: 50.4% of respondents maximise windows

When I posted my recent poll on Web browser window size I was expecting at the very most a couple of hundred comments. I obviously underestimated my readers' willingness to participate, because when I finally closed comments the count was 1070, with the total amount of setups reported landing at 1385. 1070 comments. Wow.

Huge thanks to everybody who took the time to post info about your setup. And thanks to Frode Danielsen for helping me out with a script that parses the responses and creates a CSV file, and thanks to everybody who posted tips on how to turn this data into something usable when I asked for help in Statistics help needed.

You may be wondering why I posted this poll. So do I ;-). Seriously though, I was just curious. I realise the results aren't valid for the Web browsing public as a whole, and not even for the people who visit this site (since only those who participated are counted). But it still shows something, and I was a little surprised by a few things:

Some numbers, then. I have edited the data quite a bit, consolidating operating systems and resolutions to get something that is manageable.

Disclaimer: I am no statistics expert, so my analysis may be wrong. There may also be better ways of presenting the data.

Do you maximise your browser window?
Yes No
698 (50.4%) 687 (49.6%)

An even split.

Maximisers per operating system
OS Number Maximisers
Mac 440 89 (20%)
Windows 777 502 (65%)
Linux 165 106 (64%)
NetBSD 3 1 (33%)

Here's a chart that may help visualise that table:

Windows and Linux users maximise to a similar extent, while Mac users are much less likely to maximise. I expected that, but I did think fewer Mac users and more Windows users would maximise.

To make it easier to handle the large amounts of screen resolutions, I have looked at width only, and consolidated almost similar widths.

Maximisers per screen width
Screen width Number Maximisers
800 6 3 (50%)
1024 167 122 (73%)
1152 17 12 (71%)
1280 617 374 (61%)
1400 167 63 (38%)
1600 128 60 (47%)
>1600 283 63 (22%)

At higher resolutions, the percentage of maximisers drops. I expected that.

I could show many more tables and charts, but that is all I have time for right now. In case you feel like playing around with the data, you are welcome to download the cleaned and consolidated CSV file.

Posted on April 15, 2007 in Web General