Guidelines for creating better markup

I've mentioned several times here that I feel writing markup (or any other code, for that matter) is a craft. I take pride in writing as lean and clean code as possible. From the looks of things there aren't a whole lot of other Web professionals that feel that way, but we do exist.

One of them is Garrett Dimon, who has touched upon this subject before, and in Markup as a Craft (published at Digital Web Magazine) provides twenty-one guidelines that will help you create better markup. That's a lot of guidelines, but they are all relevant and contain very good advice. Highly recommended reading.

After reading Garrett's article I couldn't resist creating a list of what I think are the six most important guidelines for writing better markup:

What would your most important guidelines for writing better markup be?


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Posted on April 12, 2007 in Quicklinks, (X)HTML