Poll: Do you maximise your browser window?

It seems like every time somebody mentions browser size, screen resolution or fixed/fluid/elastic width, there will be a side discussion going on about window/application maximising. It happened here a few months ago when I posted Resolution vs. browser size vs. fixed or adaptive width.

I thought it would be interesting to know the habits of people visiting this site, so if you have a minute or two please post a comment with answers to the folllowing questions:

  1. Do you normally maximise your browser window, i.e. make it cover the entire screen? (Your answer should reflect what you do during normal use, not while holding presentations or similar.)
  2. What is the resolution (in pixels) of your primary screen?
  3. Which operating system do you use?

My own answers are as follows:

  1. No.
  2. 1600 by 1200 pixels.
  3. Mac OS X

After a couple of weeks I'll disable comments on this post, evaluate the results, and post a follow-up.

Update (2007-03-31): Well, with the absolutely incredible response this got, I am now disabling comments after less than two days instead of after a couple of weeks.

It will take me long enough to go through over 900 comments, of which many include multiple setups.

Thanks very much for participating, and I'll be back with the results once I've found the time to do this...

Update (2007-04-02): Comments are open again after some feedback from visitors who would like to see this post break the 1000 comment limit. So let's do that :-).

Update (2007-04-05): Ok, this time comments are really closed. 1071 comments (!) should be enough to do something with. Look for a follow-up in a week or two.

Update (2007-04-15): I have published the results of the poll in Poll results: 50.4% of respondents maximise windows.

Posted on March 29, 2007 in Web General