Graphic designers misunderstanding Web standards

Andy Rutledge has crafted a couple of beautiful articles in which he attempts to explain why using Web standards does not stifle the creativity of or impose artificial barriers on graphic designers.

In the first post, Web Standards: it's about quality, not compliance, Andy states what is quite obvious to any standardista: Web standards are there to ensure that your site is a high quality site, not to force you to make your site look like every other site.

Since, unsurprisingly, some people wilfully misinterpret or misunderstand what he is saying (trust me, I know what that is like...), Andy posted a followup article called Web Misunderstandards to address some of the misconceptions commonly held by visually oriented designers who do not understand the Web.

The bottom line is, if there is something you cannot do with design online it's because of your ignorance or lack of skill, not because of Web standards.

Excellent reading.

Posted on March 6, 2007 in Quicklinks, Web Standards