Freely downloadable quality fonts

Over a year ago Vitaly Friedman compiled a list of freely downloadable fonts that he called the 25 Best Free Quality Fonts. I never got around to mentioning the list back then, so this is just in case you missed it (and as a bookmark for myself).

More recently, Vitaly spent some time browsing for fonts in new places as well as revisiting the sites where he found the fonts on his list. As a result he found 19 More Free Quality Fonts. Go check them out if you're into fonts and are on a budget.

Note that "free" isn't entirely true for all fonts on these lists. Some are completely license-free and can be used for anything with no limitations, while others are free for personal use but not when used in commercial projects. Make sure you check for any restrictions before using the fonts for commercial stuff.

I really should play more with type.

Posted on January 25, 2007 in Quicklinks, Typography