Apple's Safari team comments on the new W3C HTML WG charter

Microsoft's Chris Wilson being proposed as the initial chair of the W3C's new HTML Working Group is not the only thing about the HTML WG Charter that is causing debate.

Apple's Safari developer team responds to the charter in HTML Standards Process Returning from the Grave, a post in which they list the problems they feel need to be resolved. Their proposed changes to the HTML Working Group Charter include, among other things, the following:

  • We strongly object to the 10% market share threshold in the Success Criteria.
  • We would like the charter to clarify that new features such as editing support will be specified in a platform-neutral and device-independent way.
  • We request that the charter call for a formal relationship with Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG), even though the group itself is informal.

I fully agree that the 10% market share requirement is way too high. Only Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox currently pass that, which means they can call all the shots together (not that that is very likely, but still).

Platform-neutral and device-independent editing support would be fantastic, and could make it possible to put an end to the broken WYSIWYG editors that plague the Web.

And finally, I think it's obvious that the W3C WG needs to work with the WHATWG on this. The charter does say that:

However, the Working Group will attempt to liaise with external groups, such as the WHAT WG, and with the content developer community.

Making the relationship to the WHATWG formal makes a lot of sense to me. If they don't, there may be trouble. I also wonder if "the content developer community" means you and me.

Posted on January 22, 2007 in Quicklinks, (X)HTML