Comment posting guidelines

Most blog authors want their readers to participate by commenting, so having people post comments on your articles is generally a very good thing. I for one love it when people leave constructive comments here. Nearly everybody participates in a civilised manner, but unfortunately there are exceptions.

I'm sure most people who have reasonably popular blogs will agree that reading and responding to just the well-written comments can take a lot of time, but that it's okay. What is not okay is the time and energy consumed by trolls, spammers, and people with bad attitudes.

Disabling comments does not feel like an attractive option to me since this site would not be what it is without reader participation. So instead of doing that I have written a few tips and ground rules for posting comments.

Following these simple guidelines will increase the chance of your comments being read and taken seriously, and encourage blog authors to keep writing useful and interesting articles. You're happy, the authors are happy, everybody wins.

In my opinion, these are the most important blog comment guidelines. There are certain topics to which one or more rules do not apply, but they all apply to almost any kind of Web design/development related article or tutorial.

I really think these rules are easy to follow and that they will make reading and writing blogs more enjoyable and less stressful. Should there be more rules? Are any of my rules too harsh? What's your opinion?

Posted on November 20, 2006 in Writing