IE 7 is better but still lagging

In IE 7 - is catching up good enough?, Robert Nyman says pretty much what I think about the upcoming release of Internet Explorer 7: it is not ready for release.

Since the release of IE 7 beta 3, and more recently Release Candidate 1, I have been checking my work in IE 7 to see what breaks. There is a lot less breakage than in previous versions, and that's great. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you, etc.

What is not so great is that there are still annoying bugs that haven't been fixed, new bugs that have been introduced (see IE7: Old Bugs For New for more on that), and important features that are missing. In other words, it is still a pain to make things work properly in Internet Explorer.

Most importantly though, IE 7 will not even catch up to where other browsers were a couple of years ago in terms of CSS and HTML support. It's incredibly frustrating to find important parts of CSS 2.1 missing (display:table et al., :before and :after, :focus, and :active come to mind) in a brand new browser, so I fully agree with Robert.

Dear Microsoft: Keep working on IE 7, and don't release it until you've caught up with Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Actually, considering your update track record compared to that of your competitors, it would be preferable if you surpassed them by a healthy margin. They will catch up to and surpass you in a couple of months anyway.

Posted on September 28, 2006 in Quicklinks, Browsers