Choosing an RSS newsreader for Mac OS X

With so many stylish, easy-to-use and fully featured newsreaders available for Mac OS X it's hard to choose one and stick with it. It's almost the same situation as the Mac OS X Web browser market which is packed with excellent options.

Let's see, there's NetNewsWire, NetNewsWire Lite, Vienna, Shrook, NewsFire, and plenty of others.

Some are free (NetNewsWire Lite, Vienna, Shrook) while others cost a little bit of money. If you've been test driving NewsFire and haven't decided whether you should pay for it yet, you can now Buy NewsFire, get Inquisitor Free. Inquisitor is a handy plugin that extends the search functionality of Safari and Camino. The offer is only valid this weekend, 19-20/8 2006, so don't spend too much time thinking about it. (Yes, getting a free Inquisitor license is one of my reasons for posting this).

The newsreader I currently use is NetNewsWire Lite. I think that may be just out of habit though. The other day I had to test a bunch of other newsreaders to find one that handles the character encoding Basecamp feeds use. I tried the ones mentioned in this post, and only Vienna displays accented characters in Basecamp-generated feeds properly.

Any other good Mac OS X newsreaders that I didn't mention? Which one is your favourite, and why? What are the options for people who don't use Mac OS X?

Posted on August 20, 2006 in Quicklinks, Mac