Windows Live Shopping for IE Windows only

Robert Nyman took a few minutes out of his recently started parental leave to send me a link to Microsoft Live Shopping Launches - But No Firefox, posted at TechCrunch.

If it had been a redesign it would easily have qualified as a Failed Redesign, but Microsoft's new Shopping is not a redesign. It is a brand new site, developed in the age of web standards. Sadly, but hardly surprisingly, the site ignores web standards and is only open to people who use Internet Explorer for Windows. All other browsers are redirected to a not supported page that says "We're sorry. Windows Live Shopping Beta does not yet support Firefox [sic]."

Ok, so it is a Microsoft site, and of course they don't want anybody to use any other browser than Internet Explorer or any other operating system than Windows, but come on. You just don't launch a new site that only supports a single browser anymore. That is a thing of the distant past. And if you do, at the very least you should get your browser sniffing right.

Browser incompatibilites aside, I just don't see the point of Live Shopping's easier-to-use interface built on 100% AJAX technology [sic] (Ta Da!) that makes really good use of familiar AJAX technologies including inline preview and drag and drop [sic] (Windows Live Shopping Beta Has Hatched). Drag and drop is AJAX now? Whatever. Drag and drop always makes me feel like it's 1999 again.

I actually had to take a look at the site in IE/Win to see what the big deal was, and uh... well... it isn't. But Live Shopping is a great example of using technology for technology's sake.

Posted on May 1, 2006 in Quicklinks, Web Standards