CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions

If you've been following what Andy Budd, Simon Collison, and Cameron Moll have been writing on their blogs for the past couple of years, you'll probably have high expectations for this book. Let me assure you that you will not be disappointed.

CSS Mastery is an excellent book, from the first page to the last. Most of it is written by Andy, with Simon and Cameron contributing one chapter each. Their case studies occupy the last two chapters in the book, and make good use of many of the tricks, tips, and techniques described by Andy in the first nine chapters. On a side note, Simon's case study is of particular interest to me since it uses my Transparent custom corners and borders technique quite a bit.

The book covers everything from the basics of marking up documents properly by using clean, semantic, and valid (X)HTML to really advanced CSS trickery. It explains the foundations of CSS as well as how to squash some of the most annoying browser bugs a web designer can run into. Reading the book will also teach you how to style forms and data tables, how to use lists to create visually appealing navigation bars, and much more.

As with any book there are some proofing errors and typos, but a PDF file with errata is available for download from the book's accompanying website. On the site you will also find a sample chapter, the table of contents, and all code examples listed in the book.

I'm no novice when it comes to CSS, but reading this book had me going "A-ha! So that's how it works!" a couple of times. Whether you're relatively new to CSS or an experienced CSS author, you're very likely to find this book very useful.

CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions
Authors: Andy Budd, Cameron Moll, Simon Collison
ISBN: 1590596145

Posted on April 19, 2006 in Reviews