Five ways of improving your website

Kirk Biglione at alt tags (nice name, by the way ;-)) has written an article called Five Steps To A Better Website In The New Year. The article contains advice on five actions you can take to improve areas where the quality of many websites deteriorates over time:

Each action is explained in detail in the article. Following this advice would give many sites a huge quality boost.

Far too many website owners don't realise that if you want a great website you have to work on it continuously - you can never stop keep thinking about your content, site structure, and how you can improve things.

I'm sure all web professionals have built sites that look great and have plenty of good and well organised content at launch, but after a few months in the hands of the client are more or less ruined. I know I have - far too many times.

Posted on January 31, 2006 in Quicklinks, Usability, Accessibility