Internet Explorer for the Mac is no more

It's been a while since Microsoft announced that they were no longer developing IE/Mac. Many continued using it, however. Considering the problems the browser that once was the state-of-the-art has with modern CSS-based layouts, I was very happy to learn that Microsoft is now ceasing all support for IE/Mac.

Two posts by former Microsoft employees contain some very interesting comments on the history of IE/Mac: I was on the MacIE 6 team when it got canned... by Jorg Brown and End of an era: Mac Internet Explorer by Jimmy Grewal. Some of the info in those posts was new to me.

Anyway, after December 31, 2005, the browser will no longer be supported. In addition to that, after January 31, 2006 it will no longer be available for download. Good riddance. Unfortunately it will be a while before current users of IE/Mac have migrated to a better browser, partly because of the unwillingness of many developers of online banking systems to keep their skills up-to-date.

But at least we won't be seeing any new IE/Mac users.

Unless the idea of letting developers use the IE/Mac code to build their own browser takes root. In Keep Internet Explorer for Mac alive, Veerle Pieters notes that BBC technology commentator Bill Thompson suggests just that in Give Mac Explorer to the people.

I say no. Enough is enough, and IE/Mac needs to go away.

Posted on December 22, 2005 in Quicklinks, Browsers