Guidelines for HTML email design

If you create or send email newsletters, you need to read David Greiner's post Email Design Guidelines for 2006 at Campaign Monitor. That is, if you're interested in your newsletters actually reaching and being read by their recipients.

I am definitely no fan of HTML email, so I have configured Apple Mail to display the plain text version of all messages. Sometimes that will make newsletters look like this to me:

Error message: Your email application can't display HTML email. That is why text is displayed. Please contact us for more information.

That's it. No link to a web version. No apologies. Hardly what the sender intended. Avoid making mistakes like that when you must send HTML email. If at all possible, avoid sending HTML email in the first place.

Further thoughts on HTML email: Do you really need an HTML email christmas greeting?.

Posted on December 1, 2005 in Quicklinks, Usability