Firefox displays CSS errors in the JavaScript Console

Sorry if this is old news, but I sure didn't know about this until Mats Lindblad was kind enough to let me in on the secret in Firefoxs JavaScript Console.

Firefox has a very useful feature that I can't believe I haven't heard about before: it displays CSS errors in the JavaScript console. Anyone know if this is a new feature in Firefox 1.5?

To see it in action, select Tools > JavaScript Console and make sure it is set to display "All" or "Errors". Select the browser window again and load a site that contains CSS errors (it shouldn't be very hard to find one). Take a look at the list of CSS errors.

The error messages are often more helpful than those given by the W3C CSS Validator, and clicking the link in an error message opens a source window with the error highlighted. Excellent! I know for sure that I'll be keeping the JavaScript Console window open a lot more from now on.

Posted on December 7, 2005 in Quicklinks, Browsers, CSS