IE7 will only support well-formed RSS feeds

In Microsoft to break the web, Anne van Kesteren notes that the RSS platform in Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista will only parse well-formed feeds. Anne points to the post Feeds and well-formed XML at the Microsoft Team RSS Blog. I find this part of that post particularly interesting:

Our years of experience in with HTML in Internet Explorer have taught us the long-term pain that results from being too liberal with what you accept from others.

Wow. I can hardly believe I just read that. Wouldn't it be interesting if the people responsible for the HTML parser in IE7 would follow that lead and make it just a little more strict?

Imagine all the business opportunities that could create for those of us who have invested the time to learn HTML. And IE7 would have massive problems parsing the "HTML" generated by Microsoft's own tools. But I think it would clean up the web a bit.

Posted on November 6, 2005 in Quicklinks, Browsers, Web Standards