AJAX-S: An Ajax-based slideshow system

Robert Nyman's AJAX-S is an Ajax-based slideshow system which, while being similar to Eric Meyer's S5, is also quite different in some respects. The most obvious difference is that AJAX-S stores slideshow data in an XML file and uses Ajax to retrieve it.

With that comes a greater degree of separation between content and presentation. It currently also slightly limits the range of browsers that can run an AJAX-S slideshow, since it requires a web browser capable of doing XSL transformations. According to Robert, that means IE6 and Mozilla-based browsers. I can confirm that it works fine in Camino 1.0b1.

I have used S5 for a number of presentations and am happy with it, but having more options is always (well, almost always) a good thing. So I've you're interested in this kind of thing, go give AJAX-S a try.

Posted on November 14, 2005 in Quicklinks, JavaScript