Write Clear Titles

From D. Keith Robinson's Web Publishing Tip: Write Clear Titles:

One of the easiest & best things you can do when publishing on the Web is to write clear, meaningful titles for your posts, pages and articles. Then, once you’ve written that title, put it into your title tag.

Great advice (except for the part about putting the text in the title tag, which makes me want to mention my recent post HTML tags vs. elements vs. attributes - hope you don't mind, Keith ;-) ).

I used to make the mistake of thinking up cute titles for my posts. Fun, perhaps, but not likely to make people find what you've written.

There's still plenty of room for me to improve, but these days at least I try to think about - and use - what someone looking for information on the topic I am writing about might enter in Google's search field or look for while scanning through a list of posts in their feed reader.

Posted on September 15, 2005 in Quicklinks