Validity and Accessibility

Why is the WCAG working group lowering the importance of validity by moving it? Gez Lemon has taken a look at the minutes from a recent WCAG working group meeting and found some very disturbing info. Read Validity and Accessibility for his comments.

Unless I'm completely misunderstanding something, this sounds like a really stupid move. One of the reasons given is this:

Current WYSIWYG and CMS tools do not necessarily generate valid code, making it difficult or impossible for many authors to meet this SC. (We cannot force authors to do manual coding to conform to WCAG.)

Hello? It's the tools that need to be fixed and the developers and authors that need to upgrade their skills, not the guidelines that should be dumbed down.

Update: Matt May explains why this was done in A principled argument. I agree with the reasons, but I am still worried about the consequences.

Posted on June 20, 2005 in Web Standards, Accessibility, Quicklinks