Wishlist for IE7

At the IEBlog, Chris Wilson is asking for specific requests and descriptions of problems that developers would like to see fixed in IE7. What, aren't Microsoft employees allowed to use Google? Is it impossible to access the W3C site from within Microsoft? There are many detailed descriptions of the problems with IE around, and the specs we want implemented are available at the W3C.

Oh well, since he's asking, I'll post a modified version of the wishlist I wrote back in May last year. I've picked the problems and missing features that are the most annoying and/or important to me as a web developer.

If full CSS 2.1 support is too much to ask for, I've picked a few favourites that I'd love to see support for:

I'd say that's being pretty specific.

Note that this wishlist is written strictly from a developer's point of view. I never use IE for anything but testing and most probably never will, unless IE/Mac makes an incredible (and unlikely) comeback.

Posted on March 10, 2005 in Browsers