Favourite Mozilla and Firefox extensions

One of the things that make Mozilla and Firefox so great is the number of excellent extensions that are available for them. Some extensions are of great help to web developers, while others can help improve anybody's everyday browsing experience.

There are so many extensions available it may be hard to know where to start. Every now and then I take a look at what's available and try out anything that looks interesting. I'll let you know which extensions are my favourites if you tell me yours.

This is pretty much a must have if you're going to visit any of the major newspaper sites, especially some of the Swedish ones (check out Aftonbladet for an example). Yes, I have ads on my own site, but they are text ads, which I myself find quite bearable on other sites. Blinking, animated, bandwidth-sucking Flash banners and movies, however, is something I do not want in my browser.
Looks up highlighted text in an online dictionary.
Designed to emulate the output of the Jaws screen reader, this is a good way to do a first accessibility check. It only works in Firefox, which is slightly annoying since I tend to switch between Mozilla and Firefox, depending on my mood.
Google PageRank status
Want to know the Google PageRank of a page? This checks and displays it for all pages you visit.
Tabbrowser Preferences
Don't like sites that insist on opening links in new windows? Me neither. This extension prevents that, and lets you decide whether links should be opened in a new tab or in the current tab (my preference).
This extension makes you aware of any links that target other files than HTML documents by displaying an icon next to them. Excellent for avoiding accidentally opening PDF documents, email links, and others.
User Agent Switcher
For those cases where you need to access a site that discriminates people using real browsers, this will let you fool the server into thinking that you are using Internet Explorer for Windows. Yes, user switching is evil, but sometimes necessary, though to a much lesser extent now than a couple of years ago. If you use this, remember to switch back to the default UA string when you leave the offending site. It's very important to get as many non-IE hits as possible in server logs.
Web Developer Extension
This extension is absolutely indispensable. I use it all the time. Validation, disabling CSS, JavaScript or Cookies, outlining elements, you name it, it's in there, and only a configurable keystroke away. No web developer should be without this.

Those are my current favourite extensions for Mozilla/Firefox. You got any others to recommend?

Posted on January 13, 2005 in Browsers