Firefox 1.0

Finally. Firefox 1.0 is out. Don't miss it! If for some reason you still haven't dumped that big blue e (Internet Explorer), now is the time. If the servers are too busy, try the American mirrors or the European mirrors.

Oh, and if you have a Power Mac G5, you may want to give the G5 optimised version (download) a try. Not only is it optimised for the PPC 970 (a.k.a. G5) CPU, it also sports excellent form control replacements. While not the standard Mac OS X controls, they are much neater than those in the default Firefox.

Now if only Firefox would use the same text anti-aliasing that Safari does and support the text-shadow CSS property...

Also very interesting is Firefox Start at Google. Remember the rumours of GBrowser, a Google branded browser based on Mozilla? This should get those started again ;)

Posted on November 9, 2004 in Browsers