Developing with web standards, refreshed

Developing with web standards, my (long) article on web standards and accessibility, turned out to be more popular than I could ever imagine, with links to it showing up in places like A Roadmap to Standards, Web Standards Link Bonanza, CSS Vault Resources, and webgraphics.

Based on feedback from readers, I’ve made some updates to the article, corrected some mistakes, and rephrased a few paragraphs that were potentially misleading or confusing, particularly with regards to XHTML versus HTML, MIME types and character encoding. If you read it and find more mistakes, errors, or confusing passages, please tell me so I can correct whatever is wrong.

There is now a Finnish translation (by Yoji Hirabayashi, Mikko Kekki and Pekka Peltonen). A French translation, by Clément Hardouïn, was recently completed, and is available at

That makes the article available in English, Finnish, French, and Swedish. More translations are in the works. Let me know if you’d like to translate it to another language.

Posted on August 11, 2004 in Web Standards