Content Management System needed

On behalf of a client, I'm looking for a web standards-compatible CMS. I need to find a system that allows full control of the generated HTML and doesn't clutter the markup. Any WYSIWYG component used must create fully valid, semantic and accessible XHTML. URL:s should be search engine friendly. The CMS needs to be available now, have a decent installed base, and be reasonably priced. Feature-wise we're looking for a system that supports things like polls, news, commenting, message boards, and mailing lists. If the administrative interface is available in Swedish, that's excellent. If not, English will do.

The site will consist of several hundred pages and have around ten editors/writers, whose HTML skills vary from novice to advanced.

I know I'm placing pretty high demands on the CMS here, but standards compliance and accessibility are very important to the client (and to me, obviously). Anyone know of a CMS that will fit my description?

Update: After doing some research and presenting a few alternatives to the client, it turns out they had more or less made a decision already. They just needed to be reassured that they aren't making a bad choice. And as far as I can tell, the vendor of the CMS they are going to use does take accessibility and web standards seriously. Anyway, thanks everybody for your input on this.

Posted on April 4, 2004 in Content Management