Font sizing trouble

It’s pretty well known that when specifying font sizes, it’s good to use a relative unit like em or percent, since the dinosaur browser MostPeople™ use will not let you resize text when size is specified in pixels.

Some will say that they don't care if the text on their website is resizable or not, since their target audience does not include those with poor vision. Some would even like to be able to disable font resizing in all browsers, since they feel that they know better than those visiting their site what font size looks best and is most readable.

Well, I have perfect eyesight and still like to increase the text size for many sites. I do this so I won't have to squint when reading the text, and to be able to keep my face at least a healthy arm's length away from my screen. Since I use Mozilla most of the time, I can resize the text of all websites, no matter what unit is used to specify font size, but all those poor people that for one reason or another stick with their old IE/Win can't. That's why I use ems to specify font-size here.

So what made me write about this then? Dave Shea's post Font Size: No Happy Medium and the followup Font Size Redux did. Interesting posts, with interesting discussions going on in the comments. Anyway, I'm happy that Dave added a style sheet switcher to Mezzoblue so I won't have to hit Command + '+' every time I visit his site anymore ;)

Posted on November 29, 2003 in CSS, Usability